Information about Digital Signature Certificate DSC resides in certificate section of Internet Options of computer system but keeping DSC details on computer system in this way has the following draw backs-: Serial number of the Digital ID: Send the complete set to Shakambaree Traders Pvt. Under this e-governance project, paper based environment will evolve into a paperless one. Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. The details of these Certification Agencies are available on the portal of the Ministry Certifying Authorities.

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Application form for MCA digital signature. The costs as intimated by them are as under:. Under this e-governance project, paper based environment will evolve into a paperless one. Government to ensure proactive and effective compliance of relevant laws and corporate governance.

Digital signature mca from certifying authority tcs, ncode, safescrypt, mtnl, emudhra

A Tirupati Technologies Venture. If MTNL manages to usher in digital signatures in cellular services, it will have the first-mover advantage in this arena. Components of a Digital Signature Certificate 1.

Accordingly, safe and proper method is to keep DSC on e-token, a small USB port device, which is password protected e-token cost extra Rs. The Sigbature are typically issued with one year validity and two year validity. National Entrepreneurship Awards This opens up a gamut of possibilities including the use of a mobile as a credit card.


This site is owned by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. A digital signature is an encryption and decryption process allowing positive identification of the author of an electronic message and integrity of mtnk message.

Professionals to be able to offer efficient services to their client companies. The company representatives and professionals required to obtain DSCs are free to procure the same from any one of the approved Certification Agencies as per the MCA portal. Digital certificates ensure confidentiality and ensure that messages can only be read by authorized intended recipients.

Application form for MCA digital signature

To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold. Proof of identity, a self attested copy of PAN Card. Oriented at providing easy and secure access to MCA services, MCA21 contributes to the establishment of a healthy business eco-system and enables convenience for statutory compliance in a manner that best suits the stakeholders.

The issuance costs in respect of each Agency vary and are market driven.

MTNL may get to certify digital signatures

Consequently, the conventional Forms prescribed for various transactions are proposed to be adapted for use through electronic medium. Each has its own level of security and is meant for a particular category of professional and or sector of industry. The site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 9.


Digitally signing the mail authenticates your identity and enables the receiver to ensure that the mail has come from you only. The details of these Certification Agencies are available on the portal of the Ministry Certifying Authorities.

Required Documents with Application Form: Types of Digital Signature Certificate. This means employees handling files, bills and so on can authenticate a transaction with a digital signature. Will be displayed Will signautre be displayed Will be displayed. This is done by combining the users credential to the digital certificate and in turn this method uses one point of authentication. Fill the form and Send it to us along with the requisite documents and prescribed fees.

Visit these pages to know key MCA contacts and how to reach them. My Saved Articles Sign in Sign up.

Safescrypt application form MCA digital signature. The use of digital signatures for subscriber services proposed by PWC are being looked into for financial viability and fine-tuning before deployment to widen customer base.

Payment in cash also accepted.