There are no labels, which I love for aesthetic reasons, but which requires some patience and experimentation to fully understand. This made for an instructive exercise since these two DACs offer up different views into your music. Greatest Bits Component List. The Young DAC measures 7. You might expect some deeply arcane technology inside such a DAC, but M2Tech has employed some surprisingly familiar parts. The Young itself is elegant and modern in appearance, encased in a simple single sleeve of aluminum just under 8″ square and 2″ tall. Tips for getting the most from Roon Software.

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During playback, the display shows the volume level, input mode, and the sample rate of the music file in play.

Recording of October I’ve not tried this, so can’t say. Submitted by Michael Lavorgna on April 24, – 4: Playback Designs Sonoma Series: One might have thought this the end of youn road but humans are pushy animals.

Perhaps because of that, one listener found male voices a little underwhelming.

Leave this field blank. Harpia Acoustics Dobermann Headphones: I’m actually hesitating between these 2 dac and would like to have your opinion on which to pick, considering that i have an AYRE AX7 and Apertura Armonia speakers.


That same m2teh did, however, show up a slight lack of the deepest bass.

While I lament the loss of physical media the performance improvement we are getting now for our dollar was unheard of 10 years ago and is most welcome. The front panel display is unusual but tells you what you need to know.

Today, a good selection of them can, and the M2Tech Young is a worthy entry at its price. Not really; keep in mind that I was using different sources and cables, which could have been the reason for any sonic differences.

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Purist Audio Design Venustas unbalanced interconnects connected the Young to my preamp. A concrete example may help illustrate this.

If you generally find digital reproduction to be harsh and unnaturally edgy, the Young DAC may be the choice for you. Count M2Tech amongst those. So many of them were manufactured that they now sell for next to nothing and remain used in sometimes even very expensive gear. Still, it was interesting to see m2gech close the M2Tech came to the AR.

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Digital filters are only now coming to be appreciated as defining components within digital-to-analogue conversion circuits, but they can make quite a difference. Noise in a bit system is down to good old analogue sources. As digital audio technology matures, DAC design is not converging on a single most m2tec or overall best approach.


I’d also say the Mytek sounds a bit richer overall while adding a touch more sparkle to the top end m2tecu the Young has a pleasant if somewhat soft top end akin to some of the NOS DACs I’ve heard. AudioStream’s Products of the Year Recording of M2tdch This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below. A DAC costing nearly three times as much as the Young doggone well should sound better!

Young MkIII by M2Tech Audio

Bonus Recording of November Qobuz announces US pricing plan, will Tidal feel the heat? Young dsd for home studio Submitted by Hatisse on February 1, – 3: Recording of August The manual cautions that the Young should be placed where it will have good ventilation.

M2Tech, however, has upped the ante by introducing a feature that was previously daf sole preserve of some rare and expensive ultra-high-end kit, in the shape of kHz sampling.