So, a couple of questions:. If those customers later choose to expand with RadioRa 2 , their Grafik Eye can be controlled as a seamless part of the system. I guess I could add some text to the box saying ignore this section if you’re using IP. Posted on Thu Oct 19, 2: Most technology products are not that visually appealing. I tried but can’t get it to reproduce those results.

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Posted on Sun Dec 31, 9: CE Pro magazine is the resource you need to keep up-to-date on the latest products, techniques, designs and business practices. Do you already have an account? In terms of Nest, Hue, etc. Multiroom Audio Installations Special Report: Any way that the Informational messages could be filtered to only when the state value actually changes? I am having this exact same problem with the exact same set of circumstances.

Who Are Your Target Customers? It’s been years since I’ve used wireshark and totally forgot about it as a resource. Thanks everyone for your help! It worked on the 2nd try. I’ll give that a go. Thanks to the long thread here, I found I needed to put the IP address of the repeater in two places in the plug-in configuration screen.


CE Pro State of the Industry: You’re right it does work because those devices are connected to their respective manufacturer’s servers which your smartphone’s app is connecting to to access the device remotely. So, a couple of questions: I tried once to hide that section of the config screen when the IP box is checked, but radioa not able to because of some trickery Indigo is doing when a serial port field is present on the config dialog.

Lutron RadioRa 2: A New Era of Wireless Home Control – CE Pro

Main repeater with hybrid keypad—replace a light switch and control that load. So the new wireless products will not be backward-compatible with RadioRa and its various spinoffs.

Lutron itself makes it clear that for a consumer to move from Caseta to Radio RA2 Select, it is basically a “rip and replace” with no upgrade option.

Dec 31, Location: Personally, I’ve never used the serial connection. Remote access uses an outbound connection to the Internet from the RadioRA 2 Main Repeater or HomeWorks QS Processor, so the vast majority netowrk residential routers do not have to reconfigure any firewall settings to allow it to work. In fact, a single scene can trigger actions from both the lights and the shades — no gateway device required.


I’ll give it a go and let you know the outcome later tonight. What took so long on the thermostat? Users can add four auxiliary repeaters to the system. And Yes i tried everything on KB article She’s a washed-up Ultimate Frisbee player currently residing in Carlsbad, Calif. Thus, a single keypad can operate both lighting and shading scenes.

The best advice I can give you is fire up wireshark and watch the traffic the RA2 triggers on the local network and make sure whatever ports radioora used are forwarded.

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Problem connecting with programs Lutron Radiora2 & Lutron Homeworks

Lighting and shade control — the ultimate package for controlling the indoor environment. Any thoughts or has this happened to you? Joe, Today I enabled Informational Messaging because I decided I would like to see state updates that happen outside of Indigo in my logs.