Please sign in to comment. This manual has helped me quite a bit. But don’t understand how “tap the back of the tray with a rubber mallet”. Hiya gang, Love this thread by the way – learned loads – thanks! The printer came without the jumper on jumper 1 installed so I selected 9 on the selector panel and when I powered the printer up I got the paper jammed light flashing after all three flash.

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Also has a Win98 laptop. I’m running this machine that I got for free on my XP machine and it runs like a charm!

Would this be the cartridge or one of the rollers in the printer? I got some hand-me-down selec that were fading on the right side. However, that means taking apart the printer, which is very well explained BUT which is no easy job.

They didn’t like the slow-ness so they bought a new LW. If it’s the right side, then you came to the right place. I tested it and it works ok but i want to clean it inside could you help me with some service manual pdf or the URL that I could look for? Please also check the web link in Brad’s post for the windows version software. It should clean off any toner on the drum surface.


Apple LaserWriter Select – Dirty printouts | FixYourOwnPrinter

If you are unlucky and most people using this 10 year old printer fall into this category nowthe back surface is dirty. It appears to be getting fainter with continued use. I believe it’s 6. Many thanks for that Alan But even empty, I have always had to give it a good yank to get the pins to jump up and then slide out.

I did try of these cartridges, but am having the same problem with each. Next, it finds the INF file that is being used for the driver installation, and verifies that it was properly installed. I didn’t feel like updating the bios so I just got a different computer.

Apple LaserWriter Select Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

My is suddenly smearing black on one edge prihter the paper. But it takes lots of patience and exactness to take it apart and analyse where the problem is.

If anyone can send me a pdf about cleaning and maintenance I would be much obliged.

I have been successfully running a mac mini with my laserwriter What I don’t understand is: But I have one rebuilt cartridge that makes a loud clicking noise when we use it. I’d also appreciate any advice. According to the official service manual, it says that the symptom I am having pinter image over entire page could be due to a dirty transfer roller. I am lasrwriter it with a DLink wireless print server and it worked great until now.


Whoever wrote that official service manual probably never worked on a printer in his life. I am running OS 9. The laser window is the long, narrow piece of tempered glass visible when you open the front toner cartridge laaserwriter.

You want fast, get a newer printer. They’re almost the cost of the printer.

If it doesn’t, the cartridge is bad. Can you print out a test page without turn on your computer?

Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Printer

D Chia – Anonymous. The Panasonic toner is more expensive than the Apple branded one. I really don’t know what pfinter cause clicking noises from the cartridge.