Printing a list is also available for a font card. If a problem cannot be corrected, contact your Kyocera Mita dealer. Refer to the Operation Guide for the duplexer and remove the jammed paper. Remove the jammed paper using the procedure given below. The other party agrees to these terms and conditions by its first use of the Program. Color mode is changed.

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Cassette 1 6 Press the U or V key to display the desired paper feed source. Find the two lines that most seem kyoceta overlap as a single straight line and note the number value listed there. To restart printing, you must press the GO key and make the printer ready. You can optionally download messages in other languages.

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Close the left cover. Agenda 8 Press the U or V key to display the desired job title. Then, the printer can automatically select the paper cassette or multi-purpose tray to kycera the special paper from and internally adjust the electrical parameters for optimum printing performance according to the special paper type. In the printer, limp paper can buckle and too stiff paper can bind.


Processing appears and the printing of the list starts. If the printer prints garbage characters or stalls when the computer is turned on, particularly when the printer is connected to the computer under Windows 98 via the parallel port, rename device driver file drvwppqt.

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Whiteness The contrast ib-211e printed images depends on the whiteness of the paper. This section describes the major considerations for selecting the right printing paper. If the wire cleaner knob is not restored to its home position, a band will print along the length of the page.

Plastic Bag Figure 5 Take the new toner container out of the toner kit. Kyocera Mita Australia Pty.

Depending on the status of lighting, each indicator has the following meaning: Clean the main charger units. It will allow you remotely access to printer settings. Processing appears and the reading of data from the memory card starts.

Pull the release lever and slide the paper stopper to the desired paper size. Clean the grid quickly so that the pad may not dry off.

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Selection of paper is fully discussed in Chapter 2 Handling Paper on page IBM, or the applicable IBM country organization, grants you a license for the Programs i/c in the country where you acquired the Programs. Caution 3 Push the paper transfer unit back in and close the fuser cover and rear cover. The binding mode is set. The four arrow keys are used in the menu system to access a desired item or enter numeric values.


Release Lever Paper Guides Figure 2. To produce flat printouts, load the paper sheets so that the upward pressure from the printer can correct their curling. For Europe, Asia, and other countries For U.

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You can use the procedure explained in the section Printing a List of Data Names Partitions on page to print a list of data names for confirmation.

In the example below the value would be Refer to Chapter 3 Using the Operator Panel, section 3.

Figure 1 When the unit of measurement is set, press the V key. This composition of labels can cause more problems than other print forms during printing. The virtual mailbox can be used in PCL 6 emulation only.