Packet injection will spend up this process greatly, but isn’t completely needed if you got the time to listen to the network. It takes some time, but it does work. The main question here is I removed the previous application with AppCleaner, and I didn’t found any kismac. OS on 32 or 64b? I planed an attack against my network which has WPA encoding. Hello Emmanuelle, Thanks for making the effort to read and try, it’s appreciated.

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Unknown May 6, at 7: Admin June 11, at 9: The wireless chipset used in the MBP does not support packet injection.

Does this mean it is faulty? This is the card I bought that I have read has os x compatibility and an injection capable chipset. The crack was successful – however I can not join the network with my airport card I don’t even see the network!

Kismac Hardware list Can not post more than one hyperlink just add the h I would advise you to wirport from a brick and mortar shop if you can. Plus, if something can go wrong it will ;- MAC filter: Broken June 2, at 6: One of the two will be used.


All in all thanks for your time. I deselected, uninstalled, deleted the plist and reboot the mashaine before testing with the passive driver.

KisMAC Airport Extreme Passive Mode (R75)

Kismac says “unable to create an interface”. Tim, no seeing what you see is kinda hard to make an educated guess. Admin May 13, at 6: Aieport water, less time and less temperature.

Im using “mac keeper” to uninstall it. Check with sys profiler bit mode: I really dont know wats going on here, maybe im doing something wrong?

Admin November 9, at 8: I apologize if its been answered before. Potential problems – Distance solved because I installed the drivers of the Awush on a Windows and I can’t see the specific network, I even tried to join it using it’s name – MAC filtering, even using spoof I can not join the network Do you have any idea ;?

Me March 3, at 9: I will re-read the posts as i saw something related to temperature because of the calculations i assume so im just posting my results so far. Anonymous May 29, at Make sure your capture device is properly plugged in.


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Hey, As you are of the rare ones that ask questions here, Coud am going to answer right away: Does your Mac boot in 32 or 64? All in all Admin, thanks for the guidance!! Upgrade growl from 1.

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It has the injection packet number up to It was a finger fart “Hidden WPA found” is the correct statement.