As I get older, like everyone, am lookin g for a miracle, and this wasn’t it. Why is this review inappropriate? I find myself consistenly hitting this thing off the deck yds. You can easily have the clubs adjusted to your individual preference. I couldn’t be more please with the product, the price and the service.

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On tight courses, where shot-making is at a premium, this driver rules. This part confusing As is the frequent case, advertising of the product spurred my interest. I get nice distance and high trajectory with this 5 wood and it fills my gap jmxx 3 wood and 3 hybrid nicely.

While the launch angle is higher the overall distance is still very good. High Performance Initially, I bought this club because of the price For slower swingers, the shorter shaft will be easier to manage. It did what I was looking for – it gave me added loft, yardage and direction off the tee box – The 16 degree loft helped eliminate a recurring slice.

Reviews: Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Houdini Hybrid, Utility Club Golf Club | eBay

In the unlikely event that values do not appear for a golf club in The PGA Value Guide, a minimum quantity of transactions for the specific golf club model may not have occurred within The PGA Value Guide’s analysis window. It is a nice club, good quality, works and looks grea t and I got it far less expensively than the big names.


For senior golfers which I happen to be oneI recommend the houdinii shaft. In order to maintain accuracy, and therefore uphold credibility in the values, a minimum quantity of houduni historical data is required within the PGA Value Guide’s statistical analysis model. Subscribe to Our Newsletter Subscribe. Why is this review inappropriate?

I really like the club besides the fact hodini it could be made cheaply which has led it to break. The other being a Bazooka Houdini that is wonderful for everything. They are the perfect compliment to those of us that can use all of houxini help we can get. BTW, for reference, I usually hit regular flex shafts on name brand drivers, and drive The Houdini is much straighter and because it is shorter you can swing harder and acheive more clubhead speed.

Tour Edge JMAX HOUDINI Driver

I also found that it an be hit off the fairway and light rough as long as the ball is sitting up. Their clubs are very playable, very forgiving. Best money I have ever spent on a golf club! For senior players, this driver is a godsend.

When you read the specs on this club, your first impression might be that a 16 degree driver has way too much loft.


Distance off the deck is superior to any 3 wood I have ever owned. It has a curved edge face which helps to hit off tight lies and go through the rough. I find myself consistenly hitting this thing off the deck yds. Why is this review inappropriate? It has a jmx degree loft which is good for a high handicapper like myself.

Tour Edge JMAX Houdini 18 Degree 5 Hybrid Senior Flex Graphite 523141

These are the game improvement clubs that really improve th e game. Make houdlni magic of your own on the golf course Like the club very much and would highly recommend. The only two drawbacks This club does have a little magic This is a great club although I did have to jmsx used to it if you have trouble hitting a 3 wood and cant quite hit the lower lofted hybrids this is your club.

I have Tour Edge Bazooka Drivers and 3 Woods as well and I highly recommend this series for mid to high handicap golfers, I’m not qualified to speak for low handicap, big hitters. This is not different.