After numerous research and reading multiple forums, the issue is simply the intel wireless driver, nothing else. Okay now I restarted my computer after all that and then uninstalled both access connections and intel wifi card drivers. Rebooted Comp and presto it works In your case I would advise you to undo all of the changes you did if you’re going to attempt to solve it my way. I do have one problem with the 9. I much prefer the IBM card – it just works better. Hi Plinkerton – I always enjoy reading your posts, so let me note on this one that: Most of the problems I have run into only exist when encrypting with WPA.

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I’m using the older drivers from the 8.

Uninstalled Access 8.1.28 4. I am having a some somewhat similar issues. Gentoo or another because intep have the same laptop s3xp and the problem with the OS is present and accounted for. I am thinking that somehow the power settings on the BG card are turning it off, and it is not powering back up properly.

T61p CTO T I will try setting the power settings on the BG card. Danishblunt Dec 11, Since my T40 doesnt come with a driver it doesnt install the driver automatically.


Support for IntelĀ® PRO/Wireless BG Network Connection

Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Others may know if there are any WEP related problems. I will let you know that a friend of mine with a T41 with the B card, simply disables the Windows Firewall, and everything works perfectly.

Rebooted Comp and presto it works In your case I would advise you to undo all of the changes you did if you’re going to attempt to solve it my way. had the IBM version 8. At work there are a number of WiFi Access Points.

I installed the Intel drivers using the setup. I’ve been posting warnings regarding this issue to online reviews on my model system Using hard wired ethernet update everything and its mother except access connections 6. peo

wrt56G and the INTEL PRO 2200bg wireless card

If PROset works on your machine, though, run with it. I’m using the Windows Zero Configuration thing 2200ng of Intel’s manager and I think that has made it better also.

I have a WRT54G also. I was previously installing only the base drivers and using either IBM Access Connections or Windows to manage the connections.

A few minutes after the file finished downloading, the WiFi connection dropped out. YMMV and some people do have better luck with the Intel card.


T42 and Intel BG Wireless – Thinkpads Forum

And, it seems to be working quite well. Here’s to hoping the fix holds — good luck! The router had been working well with my other computers at home with USB wireless adaptors. In a particular classroom that I teach in, there inetl a LinkSys Your name or lntel address: It was failing to partition the liteon SSD to start the windows install: It’s been almost a month since I’ve installed the 9.

Current configuration is the most “stable,” meaning that I can usually go for an hour or two until the WiFi resets and needs to be “repaired. If this is the case for you, know that you can selectively enable the firewall for only some 2200ng.

Fujitsu hasn’t yet agreed to replace my hardware, but we’ll get there evenutally.

Disconnected ethernet plug 8. IBM’s website lists 8. Also are you running VirtualPC by any chance??