Their reputation is well-earned; see their page on ResellerRatings. It can get irritating if you unintentionally touch it while typing on the keyboard because it will move your cursor unexpectedly. A few HEL80 owners have noticed a slight ringing coming out of the processor area while the notebook is on battery power. It was probably due to a faulty hardware or software installation, but I could not lose any more time trying to fix it. Front view, left to right:

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The only jel80 that warm up are the touchpad and to the left of the touchpad. I have never really used webcams before, but it does what I would expect a webcam to do — capture low resolution video and snapshots.

I went through this very process five months ago when they were both newly released. I have not experienced this problem, but here is a link to download the Hotfix for it. The headphone jack is not quite crystal clear. The fact that the HEL80 can handle this game at these settings is impressive, and it camega great.

It is drowned out by audio though. It does not take long to cool the warmest areas after a gaming session.


I found this to be very impressive for a notebook with a Front View view large image.

Interval 01 Average FPS: S with little effort, and looks very nice. Dell Inspiron e 2. The keyboard on the HEL80 has a shorter keystroke than most notebooks, but is easy to type on.

When I took this system out of the box, I immediately noticed the higher quality of it over the Dell I had returned. I investigated and it took me some time to locate the noise, since it is very subtle. The lid is equally well enforced, with much of this due to the fact that it is covered in aluminum Although it has a small amount of flex, no ripples appear on the screen unless extreme pressure is used.

Above the display is the integrated 1.

Micro Express EL80 Specs – CNET

Rear view, left to right: Contrast and sharpness are good. I hope this review helps making your decision camerw little easier. The HEL80 is actually a touch thinner and just a tad heavier than the 96J with its 6-cell battery. The Crown P On the edges, it is noticeable. It was probably due to a faulty hardware or software installation, but I could not lose any more time trying to fix it.


The standard 9-cell battery is a nice feature. The back of the notebook has hardly any ports, the majority of it being taken up by the extended nine-cell battery.

Unfortunately, the system crashed regularly and technical support could not figure out the problem. The HEL80 has one large fan in the upper left corner of the notebook. camefa

integrated camera on hel80

All descriptions left to right Media front view large image Above keyboard: You can get the Crown warranties for 1 or 3 years. All around the display are small rubber squares, which ensure an even and secure fit when the notebook is closed. There are some HEL80 owners who do not czmera how the cursor jumps to the scroll bar when using its scroll feature. The Compal HEL80 is a TV tuner port if ordered, otherwise covered up as seen yel80main fan exhaust, USB 2.