The compact shape is great for travel, and the range of exposure control makes it suitable for any level user, from novice to advanced amateur. OK, now back to our regularly scheduled review As with all Imaging Resource camera tests, I encourage you to let your own eyes be the judge of how well the devices performed. OK, flame off and back to the review. I typically chose the Auto setting as the most accurate, though it often produced a slightly warm cast. In Auto mode, the camera maintains control over the entire exposure including aperture and shutter speed settings , leaving you only to decide whether to use the flash or not.

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Optics A 3x, 8. Remember, a tripod is a must!

My Fujifilm digital camera is connected to my fijepix, but the removable disk does not appear when I open “My Computer” in Windows. Sports mode selects faster shutter speeds, for capturing fast-moving action.

Fujifilm FinePix F601 Zoom

The zooom sports a 3. Canon patent details schematics for a possible RF 90mm F2. Once connected, the F Zoom plays back captured images and movies on the television screen. Movie Mode Indicated on the Exposure Mode dial by a tiny movie camera symbol, Movie mode captures movies with sound for as long as the SmartMedia card has available memory space.

We’ve never taken sides in the row over whether image stabilization should be provided in-body or in the lens, but we’ll now list the absence of in-body stabilization as a Con in our camera reviews. Shot at a rate of One of the big new features on the FinePix F is its super movie mode capabilities.


Just above the LCD, in the same gray square, you’ll find left to right the “Display” button, the “mode icons”, and the power button.

Simply pressing the up arrow of the Multi controller during recording places an index marker in the file, so you can quickly return to each key moment. SmartMedia fujji come with a set of write-protection stickers that prevent the card from being erased or written to.

I’ll cover the other modes later in the review. The F Zoom also allows you to adjust the intensity of the flash from Executive Overview Sleek lines and smooth contours define the distinctive design of Fujifilm’s recently released FinePix F Zoom camera.

Pressing the Enter button pulls up the first of the two Record menu option screens reported here clockwise from the top, followed by the items appearing on the second menu page: Seems like current shelf lives are about 3 zooom. Many professionals shooting portrait and wedding photography have gravitated toward Fuji’s pro SLR cameras for their beautiful handling of skin tones.

Digital Cameras – Fuji FinePix F Zoom Digital Camera Review

The telescoping lens extends from the camera about 1. The F Zoom did pretty well on the “laboratory” resolution test chart. In addition to an all-new design and 3rd Generation Super CCD sensor, the FinePix F Finepjx boasts a wealth of new features that for the first time puts true photographic control into a stylish pocket-sized digital camera. In Automatic exposure mode, the camera controls all exposure decisions, with the exception of the flash mode.


And here it is. The F Zoom’s autofocus system uses a contrast-detection method to determine focus, based fkji the central portion of the image. The FinePix F Zoom also can record up to 33 minutes of audio on a 16MB card and up to minutes using a MB card and offers second voice captioning capabilities. The default flash mode is Auto, which fires the flash as dictated by lighting conditions.

The Nikon Z6 may not offer the incredible resolution of its sibling, fineplx Z7, but its 24MP resolution is more than enough for most people, and the money saved can buy a lot of glass. The thing that really set me off though, was what happens once you’d selected a particular function you want to control.

When you press the shutter release button halfway, the camera usually locks focus in under a second, though it does have trouble in low light. French company GT Company has licensed the AgfaPhoto brand and launched a range of new budget products. Fujifilm FinePix F Zoom – digital camera f Movie files can be recorded at either x or x pixels, with no available quality settings. Finally, here is the bottom of the camera.

You can also record short sound clips to accompany captured images.