Getting more than 25 frames per second is very difficult and the even worse if there is much noise in the background. After digging some time I found the amazingly well written Python interface to the Raspberry Pi camera Viewers all over the world. I bought my raspberry Pi, now all I need is to get the pi2 camera and download your software and print a case and I should be able to help you test Comment from the actual world champion:

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Also, the lens cover for the outside case? Here you can find the website of the F3F timing system: Now that the registrations have been recieved, we welcome all pilots, team managers and helpers from the competing countries.

Berg 5 DSP auto detect not detecting. I’ll be at Ruegen for the worlds as well Cheers Simon. Originally Famera by g00bd0g This looks awesome!

I made just one video in the beginning. Last weekend I met some friends in Denmark for a training and test session.


American Naval Propeller Fighter Wallpaper

Return to Multi Task F3X. What can this part do? The motion detection of the actual solution is completely done in hardware on the Raspberry. This version has two antennas.

So, I’ve got a couple of questions! The detailed pilot camerx for the different nations i. You can find more infos about the teams on the teams-subpage. Originally Posted by concreteman Hey Barney. That is the only way to progress.

And thank you for the flowers…….:

Low passes not turns were not detected. See you in France !

Everything went down very fair and we are very happy with the results and the feedback we got from the guests and from all over the world. There is not much space left Views: Currently I don’t adapt any parameters to run the device. I had some success with the help of Michael O. Great Planes Triton Charger does not detect battery! May 18, How do you see the camega of where the camera is pointing when you turn it on?


F3F | ASUS Global

The current t3f is online with this link: I had quite good results with this hardware using a high sophisticated tracking algorithm but the problem was still the poor performance in background separation.

Viewers all over the world. Jun 12, May 21, I have the MotCam cameras on tripods and those tripods have rope and stakes to attach them to the ground to make them stable.

Feb 07, The ship with all competitors arrive around 5: We have several slopes here in Southern California where we might fly almost directly over the camera, and cannot put the camera far back enough to be out of the way of people as well as point below the cliff.