For all of my jobs, I used green for vector cut, cyan for vector engrave, and blue for raster engrave using the power and speed settings in my chart. Above View of the Work table. Introducing the Zing 24 Laser Rotary Attachment! Move up to the Epilog Zing 24 for a larger work area 24″ x 12″ that holds most standard engraving stock material. The Fusion M2 series features a 32″ x 20″ x mm or 40″ x 28″ x mm work area. Can I make money with a laser? Download the latest project files from Epilog.

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A larger work area and more features make this laser an affordable choice for those needing more features than an entry-level machine. Epilog Laser Refine Results.

Epilog Zing Laser Series

Laser Cutting – nothing compares to the quality of a laser cut on many materials. Receive brochures and zinng, and get more info from us or your local distributor. The cost of our various laser systems is determined by speed stepper vs. How about a system that engraves photos in a consistent, predictable way for your customers? Online Sample Club Download the latest project files from Epilog.

Maximum Table Weight The Zing 16 and 24 have a lwser table weight of 50 lbs Please contact our Applications Lab to discuss your metal-cutting applications and see if zong can work with our systems! We’ve put together a page guide that discusses the basics of starting your own engraving and cutting business. So intuitive and easy to use, you can switch from one glass to the next in seconds – without even removing the attachment from the engraver!


Epilog Legend 24EX 35 watt laser runs well. Introducing the Zing 24 Laser Rotary Attachment! Our Zing 24 test unit is equipped with a 40watt laser.

Epilog Zing 24 40Watt Laser Cutter Review

Most cutting applications require relatively slow speed settings, and the speed is heavily dependent on the hardness and the thickness of the material being cut. The Helix’s generous 24″ x 18″ x 8. Above View of the Work table. This grid is actually a box with the thin aluminum grid on the top. PhotoLaser Plus Software Photo processing software that optimizes your photographs for engraving on a variety of materials.

The best way to describe how laser cutters function is to compare them to a desktop printer. Now you can engrave wine bottles, mugs, glasses, flashlights or any other cylindrical item up to 5.

The software for windows seven is a free download from Epilog.

Park the laser head out of the way, providing you with easier access to the entire table. Move up to the Epilog Zing 24 for a larger work zint 24″ x 12″ that holds most standard engraving stock material.

The Epilog Zing 16 laser system is a powerful choice in entry-level laser systems. Are you a school or university? With a large 24″ x 12″ x mm work area, you’ll be xing to easily fit the most common size for engraveable materials, and power choices of up to 60 watts zng you’ll be able to cut through thicker materials and engrave at higher speeds.


When set to Vector, the laser cutter knows it should follow a line from one mathematical point to another within a CAD drawing program.

The air space below the vector grid is zinf to the exhaust, so smoke is removed not only from the top side of the material, but also from the underside. PhotoLaser Plus takes photo engraving with your Epilog Zing Starter Series laser to the next level by easily processing photos for engraving on all types of materials.

User-friendly print driver allows you to control all of the laser’s features from one interface. The entry-level model in our laser product line, the Epilog Zing 16 provides a 16″ x 12″ work area, but with the highest-quality engraving.

Once this is done, your connection will work and the laser cutter is ready to receive jobs sent to it. Or, about 12 cents per hour, or 96 cents per eight hour day. When engraving items that are not easily placed at the top corner of the laser, you can set zig new home position by hand with the convenient Movable Home Position feature on the Zing Laser.