This one would only require sending one command. You can learn more about NI SoftMotion here. You can make sub VIs that implement each function that you need. Have a great day. I have no controlling experience and have no assistance other than the tutorials and textbooks so I appreciate the help. Most Active Software Boards: Back to Top 2.

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Then take a look at what commands this will require. Message 3 of 4.

But, you will need to know the command set that your device supports, the commands should be in your device’s user manual. Does an Instrument Drive for Elmo products exist? Back to Top 4. Back labvies Top 3.

Motion Control and Motor Drives

I’m not familiar with this drive, but am familiar with ethercat. For a more comprehensive list, see this product support page. Message 4 of 4. I suggest you try both these methods and see which one seems more obvious to you.

Using ELMO motion control device with LABVIEW – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

This did not give me anything on the “data” variable. National Labvjew provides a unified command framework called the SoftMotion Drive Interface as a solution to this issue. For example, you will have one subVI that will initializes the instrument. Have a great day. I took a quick look and it seems like you will have to send commands like: You can look at this tutorial for developping a complete instrument driver. Elmk am new to LabVIEW with a few weeks of experience and very little controls experience undergraduate student currently.


Some command may change a setting in the instrument.

Using EtherCAT Motion Drives with NI Real-Time Controllers

Only the single-axis variant of each drive is supported. I have been having difficulty contacting the Elmo support staff. The document explains “while” and emlo loops, etc.

You can then have one VI that set’s an attritube. Can’t Find a Specific Drive Plug-in? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Integrators can use the SoftMotion Drive Interface as a method elm developing code that can work with any hardware for which a SDI Plug-in is available.

I elmi just completed my graduation and I am working on a similar projrct. Hello JMJ, There is no driver for this instrument on our instrument driver page.

A good starting point is the serial read and write example. So, I added the new slave device to the project. Could I use either or neither?

Back to Top 5. Most Active Hardware Boards: I think you may have to develop a driver yourself. Learn more about our privacy policy. Here is what I tried also which did not work either. VI Package Manager must be installed to install plug-ins. This is valuable information we can use to make our products and capabilities better.