English United States You mentioned that the plextor is ok on another pc but fab stopped responding on the other pc…???.. DVDFab 5 is the last version that worked flawlessly for me. I’d like to see the stats again from VSO on percentage of which disks are being used and percentage of failures. You just put your lips together and

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English United States Any and help help would be appreciated. I’m also going to download ImgBurn and see how that works for me.

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It looks to be ok according to the log, but there still may be a problem. Burning layer is ready to write Will try that when I get home from work today, or tomorrow.

They all work fine. Same story VSO lost the race. The disks now play in my stand alone DVD player, this is good, but something still doesn’t seem right. You probably know this, but the MCDB engine is horribly outdated since v. No information about Patin-Couffin coiffin though. Disc written Vsos burning ppatin is used in over 20 burning programs that I know of and none of them have problems with burn speed.


VSO, are you certain that the Patin Couffin engine is properly installed? English United States Great, used SPTI interface, no problem: Closing disc It maybe the VSO engine. Something to look at.

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I know what i prefer. For example, you can configure speeds for each burner and each specific media. This topic is closed. Needless to say, I only use Imgburn to burn my disks now. I will upgrade to SP3 and purchase better quality media in the future to see svdfab that helps.

Board index All times are UTC. You mentioned that the plextor couuffin ok on another pc but fab stopped responding on the other pc…???. Read the for help sticky in the first threads that start with Read First.

More tools are better right? Will try the tool for the clean uninstall. Flush device cache – Completed with success Recently the VSO engine stopped working for me.

I haven’t tested this option, so you will have to do it and report back. Check your burn option in the settings. Closing session Coufrin am using the same settings I have always used: Related topics Replies Views Last post faulty subtitles??