Let’s see what Hoontech offers. The first one excellently plays games, the second perfectly reproduces sound from both cards. The Audigy had not bad but rather dim sound. Frequency response 40 Hz – 15 kHz , dB:. In this mode the card can work in a relatively weak computer.

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DSP24 Value

A signal from an AC’97 codec is applied to it. Very good in detail The results are rather acceptable for a card of this price range.

Very good in detail. Vaue of RCA inputs Testing chain: But Hoontech offers a wide range of other products for PC. An additional codec is designed to operate as a DirectSound device of the Windows so that users can have all advantages of a standard PCI sound card.

But keep in mind that whether all its possibilities will be enabled depends on a soundcard maker. Audigy The cards sounded differently on the Event studio speakers.

It is quite a balanced solution for a music-lover tired of multimedia cards with cheap codecs. The first one is not very interesting as it focuses on management of the AC’97 codec. And now I’m starting examination of the card so that you can see why I’ve made such valie conclusion.


Take a closer look at the IMD graph. It has much more advantages for home use – 6 channels, DolbyDigital decoding, games, movies, karaoke etc.

Hoontech DSP24 Value – Driver Problems – Home Recording forums

I even tried to interchange an inputs on the mixer, but it didn’t help. Just a short time ago Hoontech wasn’t very popular with PC users. I’ll take a look at the links and hopefully dspp24 crossed there is something in there to help me out.

By the way, a human being keeps in his memory sharp impressions just for several seconds; after that they become blurry, and then turn into emotional impressions. It indicates high quality of reproduction and lack of resampling which is peculiar to all multimedia cards. The ENVY24 is an advanced chip which is popular with professional equipment manufacturers.

Download DSP24 Value by ST audio

The situation was improved by the drivers from the manufacturer’s site. Despite dp24 high-fidelity testing signal the AFC breaks after 20 kHz.

It has high characteristics of studio equipment level. Let’s see what Hoontech offers. By the way, as one can read in the readme file for the W2K driver, Hoontech programmers are currently working on this problem and they promise to solve it in the near future.


A WDM driver doesn’t have some required functions very often; besides, it is permanently in a beta status. The time dp24 is The first one excellently plays games, the second perfectly reproduces sound from both cards.

On the other hand, a noise level and a dynamic range for the professional AKM codec is less than expected. However, the Audigy is not meant for professional use. Traditional Solo and Balue are here, and unnecessary channels are easy to remove. Waky, unfortunately I misplaced my original driver CD. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The characteristics at 24bit 96kHz are worse than at 16bit A hardware audio mixer Behringer MXA provided instant reswitching.

We compared the records first in the PCM stereo format 16bit The signal was read from two cards simultaneously installed into the vqlue.