Please remember, that you have to connect the white cable to pin No. Finally, the keyboard including the power switch has to be put on the top cover. Possibly, replacing the thermal paste with an AC5 on the GPU would reduce the temperature by several degrees. Fitting the left heat pipe: So, a little modding is needed. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible but we intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Hence, one should blow those away with compressed air.

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For this purpose a pair of small pliers is needed in order to cut out two pieces of the case from both sides. The connector of the power switch and the indicator lights, and the connector of the BIOS battery: Call us today at to get started.

Dell Inspiron e1705 Parts

What is required to replace a notebook’s video card? In the and the series the memory modules are placed on both sides of the printed circuit board PCB. The following link to the Videl website will be useful here: Now the keyboard has to be disassembled. It is yet a long way to be able to access it Leave the two upper openings empty – You’ll finally need them for screwing the del.


If you do not want to disassemble the card, and would only like to exchange the thermal paste, it is enough to unscrew four large screws affixing the radiator itself. Just follow our step by step instructions. It was highly important for me, because this way you can avoid damaging the fragile components of the notebook.

I failed to remove the radiator, as it was fixed too tightly. They don’t interfere with one another in any way.

All working returns are subject to a small restocking fee. In my view, this is a big drawback of this notebook. After installing the GPU and assembling the notebook, I suggest using modifiable drivers downloaded from this website: View All Parts In Stock.

Dell Inspiron e Laptop Replacement Parts |

DC Power Jack Repair. One 1 Year Limited Warranty No need to worry when purchasing from vireo, we warranty all products for days; if a product fails within days of purchase we will replace it at our expense. Please, make sure that you have an electro-static discharge protection, screwdrivers, a pair of side cutting pliers, and compressed air at your hand before you start. When you’ve managed to get rid of all the screws, it’s time to remove the card.

You’ll notice, when the card is in its place. There are no more surprises awaiting you here, the whole thing comes off easily.

Press F5 immediately in order to run the diagnostic program, and, after performing the necessary tests, enter the BIOS, where you can see the following:. It is attached to the rest of the case very tightly by some clasps and bolts.


You shouldn’t pull at the right part of the cover while trying to remove it, because you could probably break it in half that way. Best Displaysfor University Dsll. So, a little modding is needed.

When we’ve got so far, maybe it’s time optionally to disassemble the cooling of the CPU and exchange viceo processor itself. Regardless of the driver, this is nothing extraordinary, but the possibility to downgrade the clocks for 2D mode to 15MHz for the core and MHz for the memory really surprised me.

However, if you want to replace the video card, you have to remove some more screws placed around the cooler. Items may have been previously used; have been thoroughly inspected, tested, and restored to full working condition. Next, bending the sides of the cover, try to gradually pull it upwards. Dell Inspiron E E Order in the next One of the most frequently asked questions about laptops is: