The unauthorized manufacturing variance, as Nike called it, resulted in driver faces that had a coefficient of restitution higher than that allowed by the rules. It is comprised of a couple light gray lines, that sort of resemble a golf tee. All those drivers have been individually tested in advance to make sure they conform to the Rules of Golf. This is a combination of the light driver head itself, and the 55 gram stock Diamana shaft. Both of these shafts are highly regarded and see a lot of play on the PGA Tour.

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While the Sumo may not be as shallow as the original Sasquatch driver, it is still on the shallow end of the spectrum.

Don’t miss the latest news, exclusive offers and sweepstakes. Even with the light shaft and head weight, Cojforming still had no problem feeling the club head in my swing. One thing I noticed is how shallow the driver head seems to be. Generally, I have found that the OEM stiff flex shafts are often on the weak side, if not regular flex.

The XL I really enjoyed hitting, really felt like I could do nothing but hit that thing straight. I dont think i will be sending mine back. We played the Westin Gary Player Exec.

Previous versions of the club felt a little more dead in off center hits.


Nike Golf Issues Recall of Sumo2 Drivers

However, this year they also offer a couple stock options at no additional cost: The need for similar testing of drivers was underscored when Nike said there are no other performance issues with a nonconforming Sumo2.

Or why some companies sujo so-called. I did not find it distracting in the least bit. And I agree about your groove comment…random inspections do need to occur on various products.

Nike Recalls The Sumo 2

Can you tell me how to tell for sure if this is a conforming driver? They provide pictures of the differences between the conforming and non-conforming drivers.

The shafts make an incredible difference! Most people I spoke with likened it to hitting the ball with a garbage can. How can I be sure. Discover the magic of the Internet. The model, as you can see to the right, looks very smooth, bearing a traditional tear drop shape if you ignore the light gray square framing area the Power Bow.

The initial buzz factor was huge as everyone seemed to love to talk about super high MOI and the ultra-forgiving nature of the square driver head. But he declined to name the competitor.

See picture for Driver marking to callaway big bertha erc 2 non-conforming. Is there an easy way of determining whether your club is legal? If I put that sort of swing on the 4DX driver, who knows where the ball would have ended up.


Nike Recalls The Sumo 2 | GolfBlogger Golf Blog

The VS65 Proto shaft will add a little weight, but obviously not much. The Nike engineers congorming have went right after these two specific areas, because both are vastly improved. Sure there were some complaints of a loss of distance and deafening sound, quieting the square head buzz a little…However, it has been over a year now, and as far as I can tell, club designers do not sleep these days.

Hello to all; what a bummer. I live in belgaum ,Karnataka ,India. Nike discovered the problem in late February, said Bob Wood, president of Nike Golf, and the company immediately set about correcting the manufacturing sump. Though when I had a look at it, it just seems a lot larger.

All those drivers have been individually tested in advance to make sure they conform to the Rules of Golf. Also do I take the driver back to where I bought it?

AP — The U. Bottom line, either Nike is trying to cheat, or their manufacturing sucks.