Advanced – Client Filters To benefit your further management to the computers in the LAN, you can control some ports access to Internet by data packet filter function. A login window will be shown asking you for the user name and password. ESR supports home network with superior throughput and performance and unparalleled More information. When the Router is powered off, the time setting will be lost. Top reads Invite a friend! Click one radio button to enable or disable to access the Internet.

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Click on Next to start the wizard. You can find the predefined encryption key on the bottom of the 150nn router. The PIN code used by default.

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All the products and product names mentioned herein are the trademarks. All the products and product names mentioned herein are. Enter the encrypted key for wireless devices. Start inviting concepteonic friends along!

This is the port number of LAN computer set by the Router. All the products and product names mentioned herein are More information. Please xonceptronic your Internet Service Provider for details if you do not have them. If the record is more than entries, the counter will clean all records and restart the URL record again. If not, the rule will be disabled.


SG :: Conceptronic CAPM Wireless Access Point

More and more TVs, printers, hard drives and media players are equipped with a wireless network connection these days. The individual reading this.

Build network connection Click this button to reboot the device. It is the size of largest datagram that can be sent over a network.

The management port open to outside access. Of course all those figures are possible but I doubt many will actually get them. It supports WDS Wireless Distribution System function for repeating and amplifying the signals to extend the wireless network coverage.

Wireless N Range Extender.

Download and install Conceptronic Conceptronic 150N Mini Wireless USB Adapter driver

Some providers only allow 1 specific MAC address to connect to the internet. The effective key generated by Wirelees automatically. Safety information In order to keep the safety of users and your properties, please follow the following safety instructions: Enter the new password and re-enter it for confirmation.


Please check the IP address followed by Default Gateway In this example, the IP address of router isplease note that this value may be different.

Status – Traffic Statistic The router will become hot when being used for long time This is normal and is not a malfunction.

The predefined encryption key can be found on the bottom of the router. Click Start button it should be located at lower-left corner of your computerthen wkreless control panel.

Conceptronic. N Wireless LAN Broadband Router. User s Manual. Version: PDF

It is small at 3. For different requirement, you can select one of the suitable Basic Data Rates. If you do not know which protocol Type you need to select for your virtual server rule, select Both. Yes for those occasions when a laser pointer is required this unit has one built into it for ease of use. Advanced – URL Filters