Ibara is the Doh! The HUD and sprites disappearing is odd for lack of a better word Will the SH3 hundredpercenters please stand up? The higher power of modern PCs throws THOSE numbers out the window, and the wide range of hardware means performance differences that are even harder to work out. US Dime used as perspective Also have fun with Ultra without slowdown. We are booked on a cave tour at 2:

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We returned last week from our holiday and had a fabulous time. The same can not be said here. I see that David above has provided a third route – heading north of Rotoruabut joiningg the Arapuni Road at Putaruru towards Kihikihi.

Also have fun with Ultra without slowdown. Mouse over doesn’t seem to work for me on there, but I have now found it sorry about that. Previous topic Next topic. You need someone with one of these to tell you what’s written on it so you can source a replacement.

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Cave SH3 games that have no hiscore table erase. During your visit you could reverse his evil honey trap and tell him you’re a bit uncertain about spending an hour inside his box. Don’t know about sb3 others.


Arcade Otaku – アーケード オタク

The same port played on the same console by different players will give legitimately comparible scores although for sure not comparible to the PCB in any way. Instead, they designed the games and incrementally tested against what they really see on the screen with the physical hardware as their code overloads the hardware limitations and slows down. It’s just not possible and that’s fine.

MAME, Demul, and the official PC ports are all in the same boat– until someone actually figures out the actual numbers, accuracy on CV slowdowns will always be shaky at best.

Browse forums All Browse by destination. Still nice, Haze posted something on MW, I just can’t tell if it’s positive or not as he seems to say it leaves more room to work on accuracy then proceeds to destroy hopes for a decade or something.

Wed Oct 25, zh3 Might as well just take a poll. I’ve died a hundred times because of it on the real boards. Last edited by kernow on Sun Dec 04, 1: The scores obviously aren’t legit as the games play entirely different to their PCB and port counterparts.

It’s not like the SH3 stuff has been perfected, and it obviously won’t be now. You’re not going to get accurate Cave CV slowdown until someone actually zh3 a deep dive on the hardware to find out what the actual limitations are.


org • View topic – Cave SH3 Emulation scoring legimitacy.

Well Ibara is obviously acceptable as PS2 port accepted and that is just as screwed up. In that sense how can the scores be compared? This update only addressed performance issues to make lesser cpus do the same running speed as more powerful ones.

Buy one, desolder the old one and replace it. That’d be pretty sweet. I’m tempted too, particularly on my bugfixed Mushi. I think you are confusing the different speeds with people changing the blitter delay though as like i said everyone with a powerful enough pc gets identical performance.

Both power up, absolutely no picture or sound on either. Just check the solder pads, one will be ground and the other 5v. It ran slow on older versions. Fri Dec 02, 2: