See our Canon i review for details on that model. This model is a BAD investment. Corners are soft and there is visible vignetting darkened corners at maximum aperture at the wide-angle end of the zoom range. I have seen wild irises in bloom with their bases rimmed in ice. Keep reading to find out more!

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Shto mini swamp was our shooting destination. Dec 23, Pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy. Pros Compact, proven platform, 4X optical zoom, full manual controls, and very good battery life. Dec 22, video.

File sizes and resulting number of shots given above will vary depending on the subject, shooting conditions and shooting mode.

Canon PowerShot A520 4.0MP Digital Camera – Silver

The A performed very well in the macro category, capturing a minimum area of 2. The A is an attractive compact and lightweight digicam that is slightly smaller than its predecessor. Corners are soft and there is visible vignetting darkened corners at maximum aperture at the wide-angle end of the zoom range. Like most Canon cameras, the A shifts cyan colors slightly toward pure blues, apparently the reason for its excellent sky colors.

This canob doesn’t belong on poeer page. We spent about two hours shooting rapidly moving skateboarders traveling at truly dangerous speeds. Based on the “standard” mAh NiMH cells that I’ve used shpt a basis of comparison for the last several years, worst-case run time is projected at minutes in record mode with the LCD turned on.


Its full-autofocus shutter lag range of 0. I bought three of them for my grand daughters to keep them out of my Pro Canons. Also available is a Spot Metering option, which bases the exposure on the center of the subject, and Center-Weighted, for a larger area in the center of the frame. Contrast was high, with bright highlights and dark shadows, though detail was still generally good.

ISO images rough at 8×10, usable at 5×7, excellent at 4×6 inches.

Removing the ring allows you to attach a lens adapter for extended telephoto, wide angle, or macro capabilities. If you’re looking for a high-quality camera, you don’t need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest canpn greatest new product on the market.

Test Results In keeping with my standard test policy, the comments given here summarize only my key findings. When the camera is powered down the zoom is fully retracted into the camera and a built in lens cover closes to protect it. Night Scene mode illuminates your subject with flash and uses a slow shutter speed to evenly expose the background. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout.

The A moves its 4X zoom from wide angle to telephoto in a bout 2 seconds. Our first destination was the scenic loop in Cherokee Park.

The A did a good job poweg exposure. It also dismisses the q520 screen and backs out of menu selections. The optional Z520 adapter might be useful for preserving battery power when reviewing and downloading images, and plugs straight into a DC In jack on the side of the camera, but good-quality rechargeable batteries really eliminate the need for it. It may not be a replacement for a DSLR, but it caonn complement one well for some uses.


Canon PowerShot A MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

A creative s520 fun Shoy menu lets you play around with image color, offering Vivid and Neutral color settings, as well as Sepia and Black and White options. Another new feature on the A is the adjustable Timer mode, which lets you set the shutter delay anywhere from one to 10 seconds, and program anywhere from 1 to 10 shots to be taken once that time has elapsed. You can alternately choose to base focus on the center of the frame only.

The open source Lightroom alternative darktable has released a major update in the form of darktable version 2. Zooming out one step past the point at which the index display appears adds a “jump” bar to the bottom suot the screen, letting you jump forward or back nine images at a time, rather than scrolling from each image to the next individually.