Post Sun Feb 12, This tool also ships with 4 mackie monitors which can be programmed to show all parameter names and values. It could be a real thing. Windows Freeware 1 60db Kergos-1 v1. Apart from its plastic material it is a very very sophisticated controller.

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Depending on the customer requirements, Wave Idea will decide the type of controls to be found on expansion modules. The format of the Bitstream 3X expansion port is proprietary, there is no documentation available that may help you to build your own expansion module. This tool also ships with 4 mackie monitors which can be programmed to show all parameter names and values. The Hook mode is a software method to avoid jumps in value Since up to 21 different MIDI events can be assigned to each control of the Bitstream 3X, it may arrive that when you change group, the physical position of a control does not correspond anymore to its corresponding value, this may cause undesirable jump in value For instance, fader 1 is at physical position 10 in group 1, then you switch to group 2 and move fader 1 to position 30, when switching back to group 1, as soon as you will tweak fader 1, a jump will occur from position 30 to 10 To avoid this issue, the Bitstream 3X features a Hook mode The MIDI data are sent as soon as the physical position of the control corresponds to its value in the current group.


First impressions are good, but less-than-perfect integration with the latest software and poor construction let the Bitstream down. On the plus side, this means I’m happy in the box and currently unaffected by the need bitstrean buy a load of hardware synths.


The standard Mode is already programmed for the most common software, it does not require any programming, it generates all MIDI events required to control all soft synths and sequencers The User mode is an advanced mode where the user can configure in depth all parameters assigned to each control of the Bitstream 3X.

We had further woes trying to set the unit up to work with Ableton Live 5 and found that the instructional PDF on the website missed out some important information that we later located on the Wave Idea forum. Post Tue Feb 28, Convert your voice into a musical instrument. Creates rhythms by joining short phrases together.

Every so often I become ken to make good on my investment and start using them, but it just never takes. Yes, you can bitsream all 21 group names By default, all groups are called ‘group 0’, ‘group 1’ Search Contact Privacy Policy.

To assign Sysexs, the ‘User’ operating mode must be used. Different controls are emulated, please see the dedicated application note for further bitstreaam This emulation can be reached by pressing the “Mode” button until “Mackie control” is displayed on the LCD Please note using the Mackie control mode requires to program the Bitstream 3X with the Sindows control library, this programming is done using the configuration software [5] Do I need to use the external power adapter delivered with the bitstream 3X?

Post Sun Feb 12, Useful for live performers.

Drum module MIDI control. No registered users and 0 guests. The Bitstream can be programmed from the front panel using its buttons and rotary encoder, but if you’re using it with a computer, it’s easier to set it up using the included software bltstream. Select here the desired tempo in BPMstempo is also available when pressing OK button and tweaking the rotary encoder – Tempo mode: An application note regarding this subject is available windos the download area.


To the right of these controls things get a little more interesting; towards the top of the panel there’s an LCD display reminiscent of those found on workstation keyboards. I don’t need to hear more I quite like it. Still, thanks to some foam padding, the Bitstream, its power supply and a USB cable can all fit in snugly, and bitztream case will be a godsend for people who gig regularly or move about a lot.

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Also I don’t see any “Show” tab where Block and Song are located, but going into Block mode to access Show or replacing Block with Show would make sense. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

If this is in beta now then I’m glad I haven’t upgraded yet. This mode may require some MIDI knowledge.

WaveIdea ~ Bitstream 3X faqs

Enhanced by DataBridge v5. However, there’s a heavy bias towards old hardware, so if you want to control your more up-to-date software, you’re better off using the 3X in Mackie Control emulation mode. BitStream Windods configuration Software 3. Lot’s of Great Synths out there.