Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Overclocking was the board’s Achilles heel though. Most likely, the CPU was holding the system back from achieving a faster speed. While the board cannot overclock as well as say the Gigabyte GAP-DS3, it isn’t too shabby either and can hold its own against its competition in every other category. Although we certainly believe that future BIOS releases will extract additional performance from this board, it was nice to boot up this board and have it just plain work as advertised. Singapore Malaysia Philippines Indonesia. While our board and BIOS are from the first production run, we were surprised after dealing with our other P based boards at how stable and generally dialed in this board is right now.

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Conclusion : Biostar TForce P Deluxe (Intel P) –

If you’re new to Overclocking and giostar sure what to do, check out these two excellent Guides for some pointers: The floppy drive connector is also located at the opposite end of the board and for those still using this type of drive it will create a cabling issue.

Fixed at 33 Dynamic Tuning: We found the board to be a very consistent performer and extremely stable up to its limit.

One could argue that a board in this market sector would probably not require higher memory voltages but a board being marketed for the performance user should include tfoorce up to 2. While the board cannot overclock as well as say the Gigabyte GAP-DS3, it isn’t too shabby either and can hold its own against its competition in every other category. The Intel P Northbridge generates a fair amount of heat so you’d better have a good amount of system airflow.


Also included with the Biostar TForce P Deluxe motherboard was a headset and mic, and an assortment of what appear to be Cellphone chargers that operate off of USB power. There are also more advanced memory timing adjustments. Before starting to overclock, the memory was set to run in DDR MHz mode, this way it will not limit the motherboard’s top speed.

The chargers fit the major types of cellphones on the market, but as they came with scant documentation I think most people would be hesitant to actually use them. Auto, PCIe Speeds: If you’re going to tweak memory, do so in small steps.

Unfortunately, we do not know what the true limit of this board will be until we see further BIOS optimizations and improvements in the memory voltages.

Biostar’s latest Core 2 motherboard was actually quite a leap forward in terms of quality and performance, putting it on par with top tier manufacturer products.

This board only supports up to 2. As usual before the motherboard testing got underway, the memory was first set to DDR so it would not hold the motherboard back. This board did not require a BIOS of the day or week to work with various Conroe steppings or to address memory performance and stability issues.

Biostar does not place a expansion devices just below the PCI Express x16 slot, so it is easy to use a videocard with a larger thermal solution because you are not losing expansion opportunities. Thus far, we’ve noted that many new Core 2 Duo motherboards have issues supporting certain types of DDR memory and are sometimes plagued by compatibility issues, but not so trorce the TForce P Deluxe. Having plenty of USB ports is great, but if they’re all via motherboard headers tforcee kind of defeats the purpose.


Beginners Guides Giostar and Access. Most likely, the CPU was holding the system back from achieving a faster speed. That allowed the motherboard to reach just a bit higher and it maxed out at a top speed of MHz.

The board also surprised us with its innate chipset cooling performance. CPU voltage goes as high as 1. We once again contacted Biostar and chastised them for this omission. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

While Gigabyte, Foxconn, ECS, Abit, and others have released or are in the process of releasing mainstream P boards, we congratulate Biostar for having a board of this quality available quickly.

Next up we’ll be benchmarking the Biostar TForce P Deluxe motherboard, but first it’s time for a little overclocking After a few tfirce attempts to increase the speed, the TForce P motherboard settled on a maximum speed of MHz.

Looking at their latest retail BIOS, Biostar indicated that they’re working on improving overclocking bandwidth, but at its present state, we could only achieve a maximum MHz overclock even with a Core 2 Duo E – dampening its appeal for a budget enthusiast motherboard.

Conroe Buying Guide: Feeding the Monster

Good system airflow is important. Overall, we like the general layout and options on this board. The four pin DDR2 memory slots are colour coordinated so you know which slots to install the memory in to enable dual channel memory support.