Never had problems with formatted CF cards. Can you see the CF-Card on Workbench? There is no need to use an Amiga-specific adapter for this. Cookies Policy Welcome to Amibay. And my CF0 mount list is good and pointing to the right device and filesystem. Thanks for the replies.

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When nothing worked, I formatted it as an Amiga disk and changed the FS in the mountlist to FFS just to see if that would at least work and it was just the same. For instance, you might have to rename the compactflash.

Compact Flash PCMCIA+Software+ CF SanDisk

If any of you guys have an idea, please let me know! It is odd that these cards seem to work somewhat randomly.

The time now is To my frustration I’ve only managed to get a 32 MB Sandisk card to work and that is a bit too small for my use.

Display posts from previous: Put the unpacked files onto the floppy and move back to your Amiga. Some time ago I preordered the new motherboard for the C Do you still get the ‘drive is empty’ message?


It turns out there is a way. We are going to look at the basic functions of the VDC, which enables 80 column support.

The time now is However, please keep in mind that you have to keep the 2GB limit for a single volume. As I pcmfia only one drive, I first copied the files from the PC0: I removed two small surface mount caps from the machine. Mon Dec 18, 1: The tool to use is an Amiga command-line tool called adf2disk.

Removing them is quite safe and sometimes even necessary when using modern hardware. Page 1 of 2 1 cff Last Jump to page: I recently obtained an Amiga with no internal HD and it came with a few floppies containing some demos and audio files.

Tue Dec 19, PC floppy drives cannot write the. It could also simply be incompatible – some types of card simply won’t work, though I’ve not come across one myself.

Compact Flash PCMCIA+Software+ CF SanDisk –

Originally Posted by slyder. Originally Posted by fgh. All the pins on my port are nice and straight. I should perhaps mention that I did the pcmciia fix on my A last year. Boot Workbench, and open the workbench disk DF0: When it doesnt lock-up, the files on the CF are usually corrupted unless they’re very very small.


Problems with PCMCIA & CF cards

Don’t know if the size of the partition is ok for the filesystem but detection and operation seems to work perfectly. This took me some time to figure out, but this is the complete procedure to follow: Pfmcia it has some old drivers.

The set also contained Amiga OS 3. You have Fat95 installed in L: