I don’t pretend to understand these options fully, so please post corrections if I’m wrong. I just bought a T42 off of Ebay and it’s great so far. I have this question too. If you want the Access IBM button to start your screensaver, open a terminal and enter these commands:. Be careful to look for error messages about your settings that may appear early in the boot process. Hard drive firmware update Bootable diskettes – ThinkPad General

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PingonautNov 15,in forum: My goal was this: Instead, press ” e ” to edit the command sequence, highlight acxess line that reads ” root hd1,0 “, and change it to read. Viruses, malware and spyware can sometimes render a Windows operating system OS unusable. I have not discussed wireless configuration, but much useful information can be found about subject at http: Back up data files only and not the programs on your computer.

Ubuntu pauses during boot-up while attempting to synchronize the system clock with a remote time server, but you probably aren’t connected to the internet when you boot with a ThinkPad, so this attempt accomplishes nothing. Do you already have an account?

Video of the Day. Open a terminal, use the cd command to navigate to the directory in which you downloaded the package and enter:. Criminal TypistJun 5, I aaccess this question too.


Similar Threads – Restoring Access Button. If the Windows OS on your IBM ThinkPad T42 has been corrupted or infected by hard-to-remove viruses, your only option may be to restore the laptop’s software to factory defaults and start over. If you intend to run the command sudo update-grub after you accesss the file, then save the file now.

Thinkpad T42 “Access IBM” password reset? – Computer Hardware Help | DSLReports Forums

Jeff Grundy has been writing computer-related articles and tutorials since My advice is this:. You can check whether the partition is enabled in BIOS: Grub will start up and offer to boot Linux. The only problem is that the guy who had it before me formatted acces hardrive so that the Access IBM button doesn’t work or, I suspect that’s what happened.

The correct button on your keyboard depends on the model ThinkPad you own. Remember, these settings could destroy your system! You might want to consult this full list of VGA modes for Linux.

Ubuntu Linux 5.04 on an IBM ThinkPad T42

Use this page only for information on the now-obsolete 5. Fortunately, this is easy to do on a ThinkPad T42 laptop. Message 2 of 8. See our Sustainability Report. Restart the computer and press the “Access IBM” button above the top row of keys on your keyboard when you first ubm the IBM logo screen.


You risk doing serious damage to your system if you try this, so beware.

I can’t tell if this really helps, but apparently it can’t hurt. You probably only want to test the hotplug status of the wired Ethernet connection, so the lines should read:.

If the internal hard disk and the second hard disk were both present, I wanted a boot menu that would let me choose whether to boot to Linux on the second hard disk or to Windows XP on the internal hard disk. Next, remove the character from the front of each line except the top line described in the previous paragraph that begins deb http: Save the file and close the editor. Please do NOT send private messages since I won’t be acces to read them.