Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. I’m not sure I agree with EvilMonkey though. I want to buy an Abit AV8 motherboard, but I’d like to know if it’s raid controller work on linux. I am trying to set up my Abit AV8 with: Personally, I have an ide hard drive which has win2k and my linux boot partition on it, and then a software raid setup for my linux root and home partitions. After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out. Display posts from previous:

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I want to buy an Abit AV8 motherboard, but I’d like to know if it’s raid controller work on linux. John Geddes, Nov 1, Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc.

In due course, I would ideally like to add a single IDE drive using the onboard IDE-1 connector – but that can va8 for now The problem is that the IDE Raid array comes up as Disk 0, which I believe will mean that the moment I create one or more partitions on it, the first Disk-0 partition will be the one that is used for booting. I have 2 disks striped in a raid 0 array using linux kernel software raid.

The via raid controller is basically a software solution with a little bit of hardware assistance to help the windows driver. All times are GMT.


However, it is not a good idea, it is basically useless and will bog down your system. I’m not sure I agree with EvilMonkey though.

Abit AV8: Features and Layout – Socket Roundup: Battle at the Top

I can’t comment on how raid 0 works with windows, but the manual that came with the motherboard had some instructions and aibt driver disk that you use early in the windows install process.

Whether this actually is of benefit to you depends on what you doing on your machine.

Sun Jan 16, 9: Sun Jan 16, 8: Can one use both a Soundblaster Live Platinum 5. Abit uses flat edge connectors for IDE connections, which does a very good job of removing any interference from the bulky IDE cables. Common sense says that I daid to set this to the Onchip options.

Setting up Raid Array on ABit Av8

The overclocking controls are typically Abit abti that they are a wonderful selection of voltages and frequencies to get the most from the K8T PRO and the Athlon The only surprise here is memory voltage, which is somewhat limited to 2. Try the abit web site to see if they have any instructions online. Features and Layout Abit AV8: The cpu overhead of software raid is not that great, but you can get a significant increase in throughput or redundancy, depending on your setup.



You start by partitioning the raid drives individually into matching pairs of the same size partitions. You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. With a hardware raid controller, the OS whether windows or linux would just see one hard drive as the controller does all the work and the setup is achieved through the controller’s own bios. Display posts from previous: Hafta go back to an earlier bios?

Socket 939 Roundup: Battle at the Top

Discussion in ‘Abit’ started by John Geddes, Oct 30, Carl, Oct 31, Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. John Geddes, Oct 30, Richard Hopkins, Oct 31, Battle at the Top by Wesley Fink on July 30, 8: Sun Jan 16, 7: The reason they are rad is because they contain their own special CPU and cache set, which shifts the load from the CPU to that card, leaving the CUP free for other things.